Monday, September 24, 2012

Introduction To The Divine Economy Theory!

In 2005 I began to unfold the divine economy theory. It all began with a simple macroeconomic model that appeared to me in a dream.

After due diligence I published my first book as a print-on-demand book through iUniverse. The title of this introductory book is classic, as is the book cover!

Even though I rewrote this book - adding a chapter on an innovative use of production possibilities frontiers - the book can still serve very well as an introductory book about the divine economy theory. Soon it will also be available as a Kindle book.
Divine Economy And Its Real World Economic Principles is available on a whole host of book sales sites so just Google the title and select the one you like.
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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where Have The "Flower Children" Gone?

There was a time when being a "flower child" was nonpartisan. It meant that life of all kinds was regarded as sacred. Needless to say these individuals were opposed to wars.

But another generation of propaganda foisted upon the young by the State under the guise of education has weakened that spirit in the youth. Now war is either glorified or considered as partisanship, if opposed.

So where are the original 'flower children" who stood on the grounds of idealism and screamed for an end to the injustices and indignities of war? These flowers have, for the most part turned into mushrooms and as saprophytes they feed on the decomposing remnants of society as it decays further and further.

Only a re-igniting of the flames of peace and idealism and justice can burn away the veils created by the propaganda that permeates the 'news' media and the "education system."

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Main Stream Media Is On The Edge Of A Volcano!!!

What happened when they tried to make Ron Paul fall through the cracks? The great statesman used his skills as a strategic politician to inspire the creativity and hard work of the lovers of liberty and justice to stay just below the fence, waiting while the surge of genuine interest in our Constitutional Republic grew to critical mass.

The falsified polling results reported as the propaganda of the unConstitutional coup is about to be exposed for all to see!!!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why Censor Information About The Divine Economy Theory?

This was submitted earlier today and it did not appear anywhere. Why not?

Divine Economy Consulting
Sunday, February 14, 2010

Divine Economy = Unhampered Free Market Economy.

According to the divine economy theory the divine economy is the equivalent of the unhampered free market economy, however, it is also more than that! That is also the reason why my first book is titled MORE THAN LAISSEZ-FAIRE.

The basic difference has to do with the ontological model. The ontological model used in the divine economy theory is slightly, but significantly, different than the classical ontological model. In addition to the mineral and vegetable and animal and human (intellective) categories the divine economy theory includes a fifth category, the category that acknowledges that humans are also spiritual beings.

Once this realm is brought into the scientific exploration some of the boundaries that served as limitations disappear. As a result the divine economy theory is opening new vistas. It is cutting edge subjectivism, it is cutting edge economics, it is cutting edge ethics, and it is cutting edge education.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Is The Divine Economy Theory Too Revolutionary For A Demoralized Humanity?

What is the reason that Google Blog does not allow this simple entry to come to the surface?

It's Time To Learn About The Divine Economy Theory!

As a logical and scientific and peaceful alternative, consider what was stated in MACRO & MICRO Economics Renewed:

"For centuries we have tried to direct the economy. It is now time to recognize the economy as a divine institution that encourages human development and brings about prosperity. The other way – intervention – is divisive and its failure is all around us and is progressively worsening. This shortcoming is necessarily so because intervention causes a corruption of the divine economy."

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Is Linking The Neocon Right And Socialism Censored?

Undoing Socialism
Undoing all the various forms and degrees of interventionism.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is Socialism Really The Same As The Neocon Right?

As is no surprise: the 'neocon thought' of both of the political parties that serve the unConstitutional coup are on the 'right.' Every repulsion associated with the 'right' is due to the coercive nature of all of its stances, regardless of which issue it is addressing.

It is also no surprise that the unConstitutional coup is statist and can be classified as anti-liberalism. It is oppressive and ego-driven.

In the real world all ego-driven interpretation and all ego-driven interventionism is without moral authority and is destined to fail as long as the human spirit is destined to prevail.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Is Criticism Of Keynesian 'Stimulus' Censored?

First published on Friday, February 6, 2009 but where is it?

Who Is Going To Fund This Keynesian Spending Spree?

The ones who will be perceived by the looters as having wealth.

What does this chaos sound like? It sounds like riots in the streets. It is class conflict.

This is what is being touted as the great stimulus - a stimulus of riots that will come as a result of the inflationary depression brought about by the fallacious Keynesianism pursued by the ego-driven interventionists. Hyperinflation will just exasperate the problem.

These riots are part of the class struggle between the socialist political class and its fascist friends versus the productive members of society. The political class will continue to try to rob the productive members of society and the socialist leeches created by Keynesianism will follow suit.

Civil rights will be trampled and racial tensions will be very high since the leader of the 'envy brigade' will use the pulpit of the Presidency to promote socialism.

Sir, if you care about the American people you will discard your socialist ideology and allow America to return to its classical liberalism roots.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

America Is Showing Signs Of Life!!!

Is there censorship of important information about America?

We'll see. Here is my second attempt to get this out:

Destiny of America
Thursday, January 29, 2009

America Is Showing Signs Of Life!!!

Ron Paul is the great educator of our time. And America is still alive, as evidenced by the voice of this great statesman being given a platform.

The wide distribution from where the callers heard this message shows how quickly the message of liberty can reach people. There are listeners, there are people who are learning about classical liberalism, and they are finding their roots.

The unConstitutional coup has created a situation where it can only stop the flow of information by coming out and making its tyrannical self known. It knows that if it were to make itself known, that in a matter of minutes Americans would rise up and destroy their coup.

Yes America is still alive!

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why Censor A Comment About Relative Morality?

What is so frightening to the unConstitutional coup that would cause barricades to go up to prevent a healthy discussion about relative morality?

Here is the September 3rd blog entry that cannot be found anywhere on the internet despite its being published and pinged:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Party Politics And Relative Morality.

We are living in the age of relative morality.

That is not, let me repeat, that is not a good thing!

Because of a strange intellectual and ethical lethargy we are living in a time when there is no practicable standard by which to compare and contrast behavior. As a result the ones who control the media and the education system decide what is ‘normal.’

The consequence is the aberration that we see: scoundrels (male and female) becoming the leaders.

In a classical liberalism society the human characteristics identified by natural law to be virtuous, it is these that will be held up as worthy of emulation, and deviation from these as the standard will be considered immoral. And who would you think would be the ones most renowned for possessing these virtues? Those who are elected by their fellow citizens to consult about the affairs of the community.

As you can see a classical liberalism society is the opposite of what we have now. Since it is reasonable to aspire towards a classical liberalism civilization we have to find ways to be of service that ultimately leads to the abolishment of the ego-driven interventionists (whose political ambitions corrupt themselves, and the system of government if they are allowed to hold those positions).

Eliminating political parties is one very helpful step. Then the individuals elected will be chosen simply because of their sincere service in their communities and their noble characteristics.

As you can see political parties are destructive of the elements necessary for civilization to advance properly. They are harmful and it is our job to abolish them.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Harkening to Wilhelm Ropke’s Warning Doesn’t Make the Mises Blog.

Harkening to Wilhelm Ropke’s implicit warning and the encouragement of Jim Fedako I am using my pen to defend liberty and justice.

Here are a couple of my pen's recent contributions:

Increasingly people are choosing to look to the internet for news and perspective. These above blog entries are some examples of a perspective that are absent in the main stream media that is controlled by the unConstitutional coup.

Additionally, here are the three books already published (of a four book series) and authored by myself that prove that intervention is ego-driven and scientifically unsound at the macro level, the micro level, and ethically:

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Comment About Hayek's Point, Sent to the Mises Blog.

A key point made by Fredrich Hayek in The University of Chicago Law Review (Spring 1949) is when he refers to the philosopher as the prince of the intellectuals.

To understand this we have to separate ourselves from socialism. A philosopher within socialism is functionally no more (due to its incongruence with the human spirit) a prince than any other socialist, just a more decorated one.

For Hayek's statement to be true - 'a philosopher is the prince of the intellectuals' - there has to be freedom of the human spirit. The entrepreneurial spirit that is alert to human potential will tend to be philosophic.

Here is an analogy:

Entrepreneurs are alert to the human needs and the resources necessary to meet those needs - they are the driving force of the economy. In like manner philosophers alert to human potential lay the groundwork necessary for the advancement of civilization.

Business people of all facets of commerce dutifully compete to get what the entrepreneurs discovered and all products and services to the consumers. In like manner the intellectuals diligently find ways to distribute this new philosophic information and information in general to human minds.

Socialism is not only a system of depravity economically but ineludibly it is a system of shackled intellectual and philosophic expressiveness.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

When Does A Recession Become A Depression?

This description of the difference between a recession and a depression was first offered on April 6th of 2008. Since few seem to be aware of what constitutes a recession and what constitutes a depression I consider my April 6th blog entry to have Fallen Through The Cracks.

Every day the news about the economy is shocking for one reason or another. It is enough to make one’s head spin.

The data reported by the empiricists are quoted as explanations by the spokespersons of economic statistics. Their interpretations are sterile yet bordering on the absurd. It is really just propaganda most of the time. Anyone who thinks that this information (or misinformation) will be useful in decision-making is either a fool or has a vested interest in the political scheme that is directed towards enriching the political class by various methods of thievery. In truth, the empirical data and the statistics and the analysis are all erroneous.

When does a recession become a depression?

At some point the practice of pumping money into the credit system and the banking system causes a fracturing of the capital structure. All the malinvestment caused by the distortion of the interest rate begins to become evident as the scrambling for resources exceeds what was thought to be available. This is a significant part of the beginning of the recession. We have long passed this condition, so yes we are in a recession!

Also the over-consumption stimulated by the artificially low interest rates hits consumers in the face as an overburdening debt. Restrained consumer spending and business streamlining causes the unemployment that is characteristic of a recession.
Meanwhile, the inflationary monetary policy imposed upon us by the central bank (and their political minions) leads to a flush of newly created money in an attempt to stimulate the economy, but what results is stagflation since the act of counterfeiting dollars cannot fix high unemployment and it just magnifies the high rates of inflation.

This is the worst case scenario for what can be described as a recession. But it is not the end of the line!

The ‘perfect storm’ scenario is called a depression. In short a depression is when there are all of these same extreme recession conditions combined with a deflationary spiral. Money, despite massive pumping into the system, disappears! These fears are about to come true since Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are basically insolvent.

I describe the depression as a whirlpool where the currents created by the interventionists become so powerful and so misaligned that they generate a whirlpool where everything is sucked into the depression. Any actions taken by the interventionists simply add to the currents and intensify the whirlpool. The debasement of the currency manifests itself as hyperinflation and yet there is no credit available since there is no savings. Recovery is nil or strongly suppressed because alert entrepreneurship cannot decipher the mixed up signals. The depression will persist as long as the interventionists continue to feed the spiraling whirlpool with their fallacious economic policies.

Are we currently in a depression or are we about to enter a depression? The forces unleashed by the interventionists are very erratic. It could be that one of the next actions taken by the interventionists will trigger the depression whirlpool. Is the insolvency of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that lightning rod? Who knows?

What we do know is that a depression is an exponential recession that cannot be stopped if what causes the currents is continually fed by the interventionists. Imagine the unstoppable pull of a whirlpool. What we do know is that the cesspool of interventionists (the central bank, the politicians, and their bootlicking economic advisers) are responsible for all economic disruptions, whether the disruption is minor or whether it is a major catastrophe like a depression.

What is the solution? The correct policy is non-intervention, which is like getting oneself out of the water before the currents build so much momentum. Then the equilibrium forces that allow resources to become freed up will disrupt the whirlpool vortex throughout its structure, dissipating the energy, lessening the swirl velocity, causing it to break into smaller eddies, and making the economy safe for entrepreneurs to re-enter, to diagnose what goods and services people want, and to set their production sails and forge a new direction.

That new direction that is necessary for prosperity and liberty is unquestionably non-interventionism! In America a restored Constitutional Republic is what can prevent the economic destruction brought about by the ego-driven interventionists.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Request Made to Hans Hoppe on the Mises Blog But Lost.

This would have been comment #26 or so on June 29th.

Re: Please send me a couple of pointers that I can use here locally.

Dear Hans,

I do not know what will be the immediate outcome of my endeavor but I think that whatever results I get can be shared with others and then this larger groundswell may be a hopeful sign and harbinger for social change.

With warm regards,

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Friday, June 27, 2008

A Mises Blog Comment That Was Lost.

This would have been comment #18 or so on June 27th.

Do Economists Not Predict Correctly?
It depends on your definition of an economist."

The answer is "YES! (they do not predict correctly)" unless you use the definition of an economist given by Ludwig von Mises. Then the answer is "NO!"

Here is the link:
Apolitical Political Commentary!
Non-partisan analysis helps to penetrate the propaganda of politicians.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Do Economists Not Predict Correctly?
It depends on your definition of an economist. And your definition depends on the world as you know it.

If you think economists are people who are employed by the government or by institutions that are dependent on funding from the government (which means most institutions of higher learning!) to interpret economic data then the answer is affirmative. They do not predict correctly.

If you think economists are people who use the empirical methodology as the basis of their statistical examination of the economy, thereby conferring interpretive and interventionist powers on the ego-driven; yes, if you think these are economists then the answer is affirmative. They do not predict correctly.

If these are your definitions of an economist because the world that you know is the pathetically corrupt perspective of a pandering politician then it is true that the economists do not predict correctly.

But these are all distortions of reality. There are economists and there are charlatans. The test of a true economist is subjectivism.

Of course it is true that the charlatans cannot predict correctly. It is the imbecilic politicians and their overlords and the bribed media that think that the charlatans are economists.

However the record is clear and conclusive. The true economists, those using the subjectivist methodology, have been accurately predicting the consequences of the practices of quackery imposed upon the economy by the charlatans (with immodest encouragement coming from the politicians).

No, the economists (who are actually charlatans) do not predict correctly!

Yes, the economists (as defined by Ludwig von Mises) do predict correctly!

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Posted by Divine Economy Consulting.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Daily Dose Comment On Senate's Failing Restaurants That Was Lost.

This would have been comment #14 or so.

These bungling but protected socialists live in their own little world isolated from the oppressed class upon whom this political class parasitizes.

The great beauty of its own self destruction is that it will have to 'privatize' to achieve any efficiency but then it is forced to open itself up to more direct contact with the disenchanted. Will these parasites be safe from the resentment of the parasitized? Will the potential of direct encounters between the oppressor and the oppressed send the socialist/interventionist/politicians into a panic like the mad scurry of cockroaches when the light comes on?

Socialism fails because of what it is and because it is loathsome. Socialism self destructs and also it is destroyed by those who know what it is.

I wonder about what was the parallel event that happened when the socialism of the Soviet Union was on the brink of implosion!

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Monday, June 2, 2008

An Austrian Economics Comment That Was Lost.

This is my commentary and contribution (that was unpublished) to the discussion revolving around the following blog entry: Libertarianism and Cultural Differences
May 30, 2008 7:35 AM by Jeffrey Tucker. It would have been comment #30:

There is no way around it, the condition clearly stated by Guido Hulsmann, "there is nothing the State can do to improve the situation," is correct.

In a recent blog entry I described this in a very similar manner: "The beauty of the philosophy of classical liberalism is the recognition that any politics that creates a State is loathsome."

This is quite the challenge to us (classical liberals) since we have to somehow learn how to merge economics and ethics.

I continued along these lines: "Thus the best system is one that is apolitical which means that the human ego has to be completely removed from the process."

How is that possible?"

That's the "million dollar question." I propose that it is our 'job' and our challenge to answer that question!

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